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We want to remind your readers to watch for their TB Vets Keytags in January. A large Ontario based organization is aggressively marketing its key tag program throughout B.C. While we feel strongly that people should donate to the charity of their choice, we also don’t want loyal TB Vets donors to mistake their campaign for ours.

TB Vets has been providing B.C.’s original key tag program since 1946. The TB Vets Keytag Program starts in January and only funds programs within the communities of British Columbia. Donations to our Keytag Program are used to provide vital respiratory equipment for B.C. hospitals, fund research into the search for a cure for TB and employ many people with disabilities.

For more information about TB Vets, B.C.'s Keytag Program or how to donate, please call 1-888-874-5626 or visit our Web site at www.tbvets.org

John Edwards

TB Vets Volunteer Chairman and WWII Veteran

Re: A U.S. friend no longer feels welcome (Pique letters Nov. 18)

Boo Hoo — I think someone needs a hug!

I’m an international visitor too – I’m Australian like so many here, I'm sure you know. Over the past 12 months I have encountered "negative" attitudes caused by the bad behaviour of the Aussies been and gone before me. I too have received terrible service. But you know what? I don’t blame something about myself I can’t change, e.g. nationality, for another’s attitude or bad experience. But I’m not a fool either – there are some naughty Aussies out there that could ruin it for the rest of us. And it’s the same for all nationalities.

Working as a retailer I have found that rude customers can come from any part of the globe. Barking demands at me while I’m helping someone else; not returning my greeting or acknowledging that I have helped out; or just treating me as a subservient. So you see Dave, it works both ways. You may not like to hear this though – a large percentage of those rude customers tend to be American. The truth is I don’t get paid any extra if my customers are from the U.S. or Europe or Asia, your nationality is irrelevant to me, only the manners your parents taught you. I can appreciate how the yearly favourite list may offend some, but as you say it is all in good fun. Would it make you feel better if next year a category was included for "where to take your poor friends"? Is that politically correct now?

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