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I would hope that a Canadian, albeit a Canadian journalist, expressing their opinion doesn’t alienate the U.S. population. That’s the U.S. population that loves democracy and is proud of its freedom of speech I’m talking about here. Rather than a knee jerk reaction, consider that the article was not referring to you on a personal level. Forty per cent anti-American to me reads 40 per cent anti-American government! The youth that I know, including Americans, are pro-peace and for preserving their environment to enjoy with future generations. They are anti-war not anti-American. If you look beyond USA Today and CNN you’ll realize that the youth of today, irrespective of race, are motivated to live in a peaceful world. Do you remember prior to the U.S. invasion of Iraq (second time around) the millions and millions of people worldwide who protested against the war? Or did your "balanced conservative and liberal news network" censor that?

When the "obvious biases" about the U.S. and its political process bother you don’t just stamp your foot and sulk – tantrums stop working once you turn 6 years old. Why don’t you try having a rational conversation with someone of opposing views? And by this I mean listen to what they have to say, let them finish their sentences, and don’t be offended if by the end of your chat they still don’t agree with you. And just as importantly, they should pay you the same respect.

The fact that Whistler has been quieter lately does not relate to its "large voice" but rather the strengthening Canadian economy, continuing ripple effects from September 11 and less than expected snowfall in previous years.

I hope you enjoy your vacation to Silver Star. It is a beautiful resort and the locals are great. God forbid if they express an opinion.

Angela Downes


Being born in France, naturally I know who Manu Cho is, even though I’m most likely old enough to be Gillie Easdon's father. His real name is Oscar Tramor, born in Paris in the ’60s from a Galician father and a Basque mother. He is the founder of Mano Negra, a French group very famous in the ’80s and early ’90s (you must have heard Kings of the Bongo), until the members went their separate ways. Oscar became Manu Cho (Cho is his father name) and the rest is history, as the saying goes.

It is interesting that many French singers and musicians have foreign roots. To name only a few: Ivo Livi (Yves Montand), born in Italy; S. Aznavourian (Aznavour), born in Paris of Armenian parents; Dalida and Claude Francois, both born in Egypt and both still very famous 20 years after their premature deaths; Patrica Kass, unknown in North America but huge not only in Europe but also in South America, Japan and other Asian countries, is half German; and let's not forget the Gypsy Kings, born and raised in Montpellier, southern France, from Gypsy-Catalan parents who fled Spain during the civil war.

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