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It’s the negative opinions that help

I would like to express a thank-you to Pique Newsmagazine for not relenting to the request of Bruce MacDonald who wanted you not to publish negative articles regarding Americans that are already under attack. In the words of a famous American, John McEnroe, "you cannot be serious."

First of all most of the "negative opinion crap" is not against Americans as a whole but rather specific Americans or American policy. As far as Americans already under attack if you are referring to the Iraq War you should check your facts. The Americans invaded Iraq to eradicate Saddam Hussein's weapons of mass destruction. Ooops! There were no weapons of mass destruction but they decided to stay there and ram an American democracy down their collective Iraqi throats. Because that's what we wanted... I mean they wanted. Then we will install a new government more favourable to U.S interests like we did in Afghanistan. All to strengthen an American stranglehold on our world and further their New World Order.

Any fair journalism must allow an equal mix of opinions, both positive and negative – unlike the American Fox News Network, which provides a predominantly Republican point of view. A variety of polls have been taken that posed questions regarding the Iraq War to both Fox News viewers and real news viewers. In most cases a large percentage of Fox News viewers were exposed to be misinformed. Most reputable news agencies would be horrified to learn that their newscast has misinformed the public, but not Fox News. They are only interested in providing their pro-Republican agenda.

Mr. MacDonald asks Pique to clean up its act. I think Pique is sparkling clean next to most American publications. Mr. MacDonald would prefer a magazine that contains only rosey articles that pat ourselves on the back telling us how wonderful we are and how great we are doing. Yet, in my opinion, it's the so-called negative articles and letters that help us ask questions to help better ourselves and our community. Mr. MacDonald ends his letter with "thanks very much from all of us." Well sir, you can't speak for all of us, just your narrow-minded self.

Tim Gorgichuk



Another view of Anderson Lake

Stephen Buckman's letter in the Feb. 17 th Pique (Lost Valley discovered by IPPs) is full of misinformation about the Anderson Lake area.

Sockeye, pink and spring salmon spawn in the river between Anderson and Seton Lakes and in the Gates River by the road and railway south-west of D'Arcy. Lost Valley Creek is nowhere a silt laden creek, unlike the Bridge River which comes from Bridge Glacier bringing silt to Downton Lake and then Carpenter Lake before entering the penstocks to the Bridge River hydro plants in Shalalth.

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