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Kevin Kutzner,



Deaths of four officers a tragedy, not a soap box

I would like to urge both sides of the marijuana issue to stop using the deaths of four men to push their own personal agendas. I encourage you all to read the coverage. These men were brutally murdered in cold blood by a man who hated police officers. He was a ticking time bomb who participated in many forms of crime: he stole cars, illegally confined people, stole guns, manufactured moonshine, was found guilty of sexual assault and, yes, grew marijuana. He was feared by nearly his entire community and it was well known that he was a police hater.

Both sides need to stop putting the blame on marijuana. Whether you are asking for tougher laws or legalization neither would have changed the fact that James Roszko had it out for a uniform. He did not care who embodied that uniform, whether they had a family, hopes, or dreams... nothing. Who wore it didn't matter to James Roszko, only the uniform and what it meant to him. Marijuana did not kill Const. Brock Myrol, Const. Leo Johnston, Const. Peter Schiemann, Const. Anthony Gordon; James Roszko did. He decided to commit murder, the blame lies with him, James Roszko.

It seems to be human nature to start arguing, pointing fingers and laying blame, but we need to leave that aside for now. While in the eye of the pain, we need to focus on those who needs us, the surviving family, co-workers and friends.

I am the wife of an active member of the RCMP. Writing this letter through tears I flash on what the families of these men must have felt when they opened their front door to pale faced RCMP officers, hats in hand. It is that knock at the door we all fear. The worst nightmare for us, the children, wives, husbands, mother, fathers of police officers. A nightmare that has become an unimaginable reality for the families of these fallen men.

I can't express how my heart aches for you all. I wish I could be there to hold you. While I don't pretend to fully be able understand what you are going through now, I will be there for the funeral, there to hopefully take on one small part of the pain so you don't have to hold it all.

Brock, Leo, Peter, and Anthony, when I think of you I see the face of my husband. I see men who were active in their community, men with lives, and loved ones, men who had good days and bad days. Even if James Roszko didn't know that there was an individual beneath that uniform my family and I do. You couldn't have known this routine call would cost you your lives and it shouldn't have, you deserved more. For all of you I pray that you are now at peace.

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