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If it’s broke, fix it

I really enjoyed Andrew Mitchell’s attempt to explain the Single Transferable Vote in the Pique of April 28. Although I would not pretend to be able to explain the details of the system, I have been able to finally make up my mind on this issue.

Our electoral system in B.C. is indeed broken. In my lifetime in B.C. we have ricocheted back and forth between extreme governments, alternately supported by Big Business and Big Labour. We have never had a democracy of the people, by the people for the people. What we get, as an example, is the Big Labour NDP giving the health unions outrageous concessions in exchange for their support and then the Big Business Liberals ripping up the contracts so that American Health Care can set up shop in B.C. The normal taxpayer/elector like you and I are the losers, both in direct costs of these inefficient swings, as well as the untold social costs of a lack of any long term strategies.

I am to the point that I am willing to give anything a try because it cannot possibly be any worse than the results of how we currently vote.

The Citizens Assembly has reached a compromise solution that they have suggested we try. Although it is complicated, so are the inner workings of the computer that I am using to write this. I could understand what happened in a typewriter, but would never want to go back to writing a letter with one. I do not need to understand everything about how my computer works to recognize that it is a better way of doing this job.

I believe that we have a once in a lifetime opportunity to change the way we govern in our province, and perhaps set an example that will be used elsewhere in our country as well. Even if this turns out not to be the perfect solution, so what, we will have the chance to fine tune it as we go along. If we vote no to this we will be stuck in this morass for generations to come.

It is time for we the people to show some courage and leadership and give this new system a try, there is no downside, we can only make our electoral system better than it is now by voting yes to the STV.

Rod MacLeod



An opportunity to move forward

A significant B.C. moment is upon us with the coming election. This is not an everyday occurrence, nor does it happen at every election.

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