Letters to the editor 

Same old, same old

So Tourism Whistler's new tag line is "Whistler. Always real." Why don't they change it to "Whistler. Always the same."?

How many times is Tourism Whistler going to recycle the same old, same old, "let’s put Black Tusk in the background" photos? I think it's great that Tourism Whistler is going to run them in black and white. They might as well since we've been recycling that image since what seems like before colour film was invented.

What's amazing about Whistler is the foreground, not the background. Whistler is beautiful and amazing with epic views and scenery everywhere. It's also home to some of the best outdoor photographers anywhere. Let’s use them – it's time for some new photos not just a new tag line with stale photos.

I know I wouldn't visit somewhere that showed me nothing has changed since the last time I visited.

Ken Achenbach



Getting real

Tourism Whistler launched their new resort brand last week. They spent more than two years and who knows how much money to come up with – Whistler. Always Real. I think they forgot a word at the end... expensive.

Here are some of the fabulous deals in Whistler right now. Restaurants are offering special meal deals for only $30-$50 per person (extra charges will apply) or brunch for an unbelievable low, low price of $50. How about an exceptional value for a house for only $1.8 million, or a library for a rock bottom price of $8 million. Are you a mountain biker? For as little as $2,000 you can have the worst bike in town. How about golf? There's another 2 grand.

Tourism Whistler’s new brand will feature real people – not models – in the pictures. I think they should use the guy who asked me for spare change last night. That's right, Whistler now has a pan handler – but who can blame him. Maybe I'll get a squeegee and take advantage while there is little competition.

I'm embarrassed that I didn't give him any change. Even though he looked like Charles Manson on crystal meth, I should've tried to help him. Look away while I hang my head in shame.

Tim Gorgichuk



The whole truth

I’d like to rise to the challenges posed in a couple of letters to the editor printed in last week’s Pique.

One was from Chris Armstrong, who felt our comparison of management wages in last week’s ad with an average B.C. community like Quesnel was not a fair comparison – that the wages of managers in an Olympic community that is expensive should be higher. Well, no problem there Mr. Armstrong, because we agree with you.

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