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Something fishy about arena

If I were a paralytic athlete… or even if I were nothing more than a delegate attending a convention, would I prefer attending an event at Whistler or Squamish?

I have nothing against Squamish, which already has an excellent arena, swimming pool and recreation centre, but let's face reality. A sampling of Paralympic athletes and officials would vote 100 per cent for Whistler.

The Bid Book promised an arena for the Paralympic arena events, including curling.

Municipal staff just don't get it. How can Squamish support two arenas in a blue worker community while Whistler, with the richest postal code in Canada can not?

As stated in previous letters to the editor which I have written, I still feel there is something "fishy" about this whole Squamish/Pemberton arena thing. Some are asking whether Jack Poole, chairman of the Vancouver Olympic Committee, who just happens to control one of the largest construction companies in B.C., and a number of affiliates, has offered any input.

It baffles me to hear that Whistler would turn down a $20 million "freebie" toward an arena which would pay for itself. Anyone with a slightest knowledge of hockey, curling, and recreation knows the arena would be a success, especially if it were built at Meadow Park where there is sufficient refrigeration to support three hockey/curling surfaces, and zoning is already in place.

If the current council turns down this project, I am convinced they will pay for it at the upcoming civic election, and the final income will be the rolling of heads of bureaucrats throughout the village.

Allan Eaton




Engaged or incompetent?

It was certainly encouraging to see the large turnout to hear staff’s presentation and recommendation to council on the Paralympic sledge hockey arena. Personally, I find a number of issues troubling, and as I search for a word to describe what’s happened – incompetence (The inability to distinguish right from wrong or to manage one's affairs) seems to fit.

There are numerous documents adopted by this council since being elected that clearly state an intention to engage in effective communication with the community.

• Council Strategic Planning Workshop – February 2003 – “Discussion at the workshop focused on effective communication as a cornerstone of open government…”

• Council Governance Manual – “Guiding Principles and Policies for Constituency Relations – IIc – Seek community input before significant planning or strategic decisions are made.

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