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Items left off the (arena) list  Last week’s "Just getting started..." list (Pique letters Oct. 20), for the "road map" for the Paralympic arena, was a couple of key points shy. It might also include...

Task ten: Create spin to explain away soaring construction cost overruns. (Use something about legacies, our children or the Maple Leaf as starting points.)

Task eleven: Blame "nay sayers," NIMBYS and staff for the low revenue stream and underperforming occupancies realized after 2010.

Task twelve: Fault the locals for not "interacting" with the tourists and continuing to use Meadow Park as the "community's centre."

Task thirteen: Point the finger at the Philistines who don't know klass entertainment when they miss it.

Task fourteen: And finally, don't even think about learning from other Olympic boondoggles; take no lessons from Whistler's private and public sectors that have poured money into numerous economic sink holes on big projects; continue to rush holus-bolus into a "...we'll spend and tax ourselves out of this down turn no matter what the cost" business (sic) mentality.

"Damn the torpedoes... full speed ahead!"

Brian Buchholz





On behalf of the proponents of the "business community" Paralympic Arena proposal, I take great pleasure in offering our congratulations to council and the RMOW for their collective foresight in their decision to look beyond negative influences and move a step closer to realizing an enduring legacy. Investing in the spirit and future of Whistler demands vision and commitment at all levels of community, and this commitment reflects fortitude in leadership at a crossroads in Whistler’s evolution that demands nothing less.

Embracing this visionary project – and delivering an innovative, dynamic and sustainable solution – should serve as a beacon to illustrate Whistler’s positive spirit and proactive capabilities to the world. Ultimately, it will become a gesture central to the success of Whistler’s quest to re-establish its rightful position in the upper echelon of the best resort communities on the planet.

Philip Davis

IntersectGroup/Azurean Architecture/VIA+Cochrane/Norbert


Dinky Rink: Rome wasn’t built overnight!

I thought I’d better share my thoughts here for the first time after living here for 14 years, since so many important decisions need to be made in the next while.

First, I’d like to point out that I made a trip down to Utah during the Park City/Salt Lake City Winter Olympics with my business partner. I wanted to be more aware of how the Olympics might affect our business, my town and my lifestyle here in fantasyland. First I discovered, after talking to many Park City realtors, shop owners and locals, that real estate prices dropped like crazy for at least the three years prior to the Olympic events. Landlords raised rents and shops and condos stayed empty. We found our place just days before the events and it was really cheap. The ski hills were empty, nobody bought $800 skis. It seemed that sports spectators generally bring their whole family and eat in their condos; the adventure companies were dead.

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