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A disappointing performance

To the mayor and all council members:

With the election fast approaching, I wish to express my deep disappointment in your failure to ensure that the commitments to the community over the years have not been met in a timely fashion. In the past all of you prioritized "sustainability" and as such employee housing was to be a priority. The rhetoric is now the same but your performance speaks to your lack of commitment! You should be ashamed that there are over 500 people on the wait list when the bed units owed exceeds 550, most of which have been outstanding for years. The following is a list of only the ones I know about:

1) Park Georgia/Holborn Group at the Whistler Racquet and Resort — 80 bed units outstanding for 18 years (no time line for completion)

2) Westin Hotel/Cressey Developments — 128 bed units outstanding seven years (no time line but we are being squeezed for higher density at the Boot to accommodate these beds)

3) Nita Lake Lodge development — 250 bed units some of which were to have been occupied this winter but are just being started (the employee beds are to be delivered before hotel occupancy)

4) Intrawest Corporation/Spring Creek 100 beds/26 units (no time line) outstanding three years

During the extended time these units have been owed to the employees, the developers have been able to utilize their funds elsewhere! At the same time, the potential purchasers (employees) have seen the costs escalate to get into the housing market. Units that previously sold for $145 per square foot, are now at $175 and expected to increase to $200 in the near future. How many of our employees can afford to pay upwards of $50,000 more for a 1,000 square foot unit? What really galls me is the developers expecting to benefit a second time by getting an increase in the sale price after they failed to deliver in a timely manner. If anyone should benefit from the delays it should be the Housing Fund.

As our elected body, we have a right to hold you accountable to ensure that community amenities, improvements, housing and contributions or whatever else is negotiated with developers is actually delivered. In the case of Park Georgia/Holborn, the developers have already renegotiated once and now want to renege on that commitment. How many councils and backroom deals will be made before the "summer destination facility" comparable to the golf courses, will be delivered as promised?

Hopefully, all of the 500 younger people on the housing wait list and every other eligible adult will let you know just how they feel regarding your lack of performance on voting day.

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