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Delicate balance of power

So, after thousands of man-hours contributed by concerned citizens to see the question of rezoning the Ashlu River through due process according to the law, and at great cost to the goodwill between neighbours, Ledcor – a private, for-profit hydro power generation company – has the audacity to reapply for the same rezoning permit less than a year after the decision was made. The efforts of our community to make wise choices have been dismissed with allusions to NIMBYism and statements such as "smaller communities tend to say no based on fear and uncertainty."

Now, the Sea to Sky corridor is situated at the edge of an eco-system, beside a heavily populated area and including a world class resort. We are aware of the delicacy of balance. Our municipal government is currently pursuing the option of wind-generated power; in ignoring the decision on the Ashlu, and given the slew of development applications filed by for-profit independent power projects, who is actually "holding up progress in the clean energy movement?"

Julie Malcolm




Go for it, Mayor Ken

RE: Let’s hear from people (Pique letters Dec. 8)

Ken, go for it. Ski with your pro patrol buddies; they will help you to keep your sanity and lead a balanced life. Whistler will appreciate having a healthy mayor.

Bridget Duckworth





Mayor needs a break

Everyone is entitled to a weekend – including the mayor of Whistler!   As we all know, one’s days off may not necessarily fall on a weekend, just ask any mountain-, hotel-, store-, etc. employee in Whistler.

Cathy Jewett points out, the mayor’s position is not a Monday to Friday, 9—5 job and I think most everyone would agree with that.

We all like to spend our "weekends" doing things we enjoy and would resent having other people tell us how to spend our free time. Why do people assume they can tell the mayor what to do with "his free time?"

Conflict of interest? Give him credit! There was none when he worked for the mountain while sitting as a councillor. He has always worked very hard for Whistler and, I’m sure, will continue to do so as our mayor – even if he spends some of his "free time" on the mountain, doing what he loves.

So, go patrolling Ken and enjoy!

Christa Hammons

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