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What goes around comes around

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This is by no means intended as a reflection on any individuals, merely an illustration, and I want to believe all is above board. But it makes me feel there are serious flaws within WHA. Look at the large size and ostentatiousness of some of the homes built. Not the slightest whiff of "I can’t afford to live here." I would have expected that some of the homes built would have been, let’s say, a bit more "affordable".

To council: How are you going to deal with all this in the future? Are we continuing to flounder down the road to affordability in this manner? The excuse that it is a work in progress, and that we are still learning, does not sit well. We have been at this affordable housing game for more than 20 years; surely sometime in the interim the dime must have dropped.

The community is in dire need of serious dialogue and engagement on this issue. I am appalled at all the heads sticking in the sand, pretending everything is hunky dory. With build-out near, the overall, long-range taxation picture will need serious attention.

Are you planning an independent review of the WHA? An audit? Are there procedures and formulae in place within the WHA to deal with eventual return of subsidized lands back into the open market? Circumstances could very well change sometime in the future to make this necessary.

Are you planning a fundamental, independent review of city hall? Can we get a handle on some of these things before we are being steam-rolled by events heading our way?

I am sure there must be people other than myself who would also like answers to these questions. We would appreciate your reply, publicly or otherwise.

I am aware you have a tough row ahead of you, and I don’t envy you the job. I appreciate your work, thank you for it, and wish you well for the next three years.

Hans Kögler





Can smart growth be retroactive?

I am very happy to see a public forum on the directions Pemberton can head. I think holding the forum during the day will limit locals’ input, but I can assume a report with the ability to modify any ideas will be presented to the public.

One area I'd like to see some thought applied is a rethinking of the industrial park.

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