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1) Businesses in town benefit from walk-in traffic. Not many people are going to walk 6 km to buy from Mountain Building Supply.

2) Having the recycling centre in the industrial park does not make for easy access. Without that access, more materials will go to the dump, or be strewn about town as garbage. And remember the dump garbage will now be driven to Washington State.

3) Do I need to point out the increased driving needed to access the industrial park? Driving 12 km versus stopping on the way to Whistler (where most people work) is not very smart.

Maybe the industrial park should become another neighbourhood and light industry and shops in town should be encouraged.

Michael Rosen is quoted: "The past development activity in Pemberton has occurred within the context of Smart Growth principles. Pemberton is a dense community and the growth is taking place in a small area."

Isn't it "smart" to keep the amenities closer to that density?

Or are there plans to grow the community on agricultural land towards the park?

Mike Miller

Mount Currie




Rescued in Whistler

A big Thanks to the Whistler Mountain ski patrol and everyone involved.

Last week I had a fight with a big ol' tree in the Gun Barrel pillow area. Needless to say I got the s@%t kicked out of me by it and lost. I needed help and luckily a nearby skier (Justin) helped me out and waited with me until Patrol came. Everyone did an amazing job preparing me and getting me out of there and into a waiting helicopter. I thought I had really broken myself off good!

But here I am sitting up and walking around and it’s only been five days. Miraculous yes, but I don't think it would've been so easy if I hadn't been rescued off the hill with such speed and care.

I just wanted to say a huge Thanks to all the ski patrol who helped, along with that guy "Justin", my friends and brother (Shandy, Gabe Age and Renee) and to the Whistler Clinic for such great care.

After things like this I realize how great and tight-knit of a community Whistler is, contrary to what outsiders think sometimes.... I love it here and that’s why I haven't left in well over a decade!

Peace and see you back up there; hell way sooner then later!

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