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What goes around comes around

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Shin Campos





The Last Ski

In memory of Alex Petersen, who was taken from us on Jan. 2, 2006 at 11:20 a.m. on Blackcomb Mountain.

He rode with us.

He skied with us.

He is amongst us today.

He was one turn short,

And it took him away.

We will be with him,

To make the last turn.

Turn hard,

And pause a moment,

For we will meet,

In the end.

Look back,

Your smile will glow,

Take that last turn,

And look for us.

Garry Eschuk





Living in the real world

Re: Year of Darwin (Pique letters Jan. 5)

Gee, it must be nice to adopt an Eastern philosophical view of Whistler like Allan Eaton has. It must come from having enough money, a house of your own and a certain self smugness. Who needs all these amenities?

Employees for one, the tourists when the weather isn't perfect for outdoor activities, the muni for its tax revenues, as well as the federal and provincial governments. Get the idea?

People are addressing real issues here, not philosophical ones.

We have no slums? Have you ever been inside some of these older condo developments? They might be high priced but I have seen better living conditions in Ontario Housing projects.

Without rents being reasonable you won't have any employees, and without them almost every business in town would be finished. And without all these businesses attracting people to this town, your high priced home will become as cheap as dirt. Something I bet in all of your self-righteousness you didn't even consider.

No racial wars? Considering that 97 per cent of the town's population is white, that is a no brainer.

We do have ski, snowboard and bike thefts everyday here, as well as the second highest incidence of STDs in the nation.

Drive-by shootings? Wait till the May long weekend when those punks from Surrey invade the town, as they do every year.

No murders yet but plenty of sexual assaults that somehow don't get published as it would hurt or tarnish this northern La-La Land's reputation.

Must be nice to live in a fantasy world such as yours, but the rest of us live in the real world. Pay it a visit one time whenever you get off or fall off your high horse!

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