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On the meaning of hospitality, snowmobiling, a down under perspective and thanks again.

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Powder Mountain Snowmobile and Outdoor recreation Club has signed a management agreement with Forestry for the Forest Service roads in the Brandywine area and is charging for use and providing education about looking after the backcountry and is providing grooming, garbage and recycle collection plus toilet facilities at the trail head.

I feel snowmobiling is going to be here as long as vehicles run up and down the highway and chairlifts carry people up the mountain. Let’s work towards co-operation instead of confrontation.

Nelson Bastien

Black Tusk Village

How much better?

I had the privilege of reading/enduring the rant of Mark Grist of North Vancouver in the March 16 issue (Pique letters). I thought, as I was reading it, how much better a person he must be than anyone else, just because he "chooses" to be a "self propelled back country enthusiast." I was curious why he wasted so much fuel, polluting the air and congesting the highway as he drove by three different provincial parks, which snowmobiles are not allowed in. If he feels so strongly about being environmentally conscious, he should have walked to his favourite ski touring area, or at least driven to the closest one.

But this isn’t the reason for my rant. I was quite amazed at how little tolerance Mr. Grist has for other people if they don’t follow his example. Given his self-righteous attitude towards people that ask how his day is, I’m tempted to use the word "arrogant."

There are two other definitions of the word "ignorant"  – "informal, discourteous or rude," and "easily angered." So I suppose Mr. Grist should lump himself in with the ignorant.

I have come across backcountry skiers out in the middle of nowhere and asked if they needed a ride. Some appreciated the offer and some have even accepted, because they were late returning. That fellow from Surrey didn’t get up in the morning looking to ruin anyone’s day; all he did was say "Hi."

I’m quite aware of the Back Country Forum and I’m also quite aware of the restrictions that are to be imposed on the Sproatt and 21 Mile Creek drainage (which is one of the reasons I don’t snowmobile there) because I am in the snowmobile club. However, the restrictions haven’t been enforced and they certainly aren’t publicized or noticed because of a lack of or absence of signs. How do you suppose the man from Surrey is supposed to know this?

I have a thought for people to ponder: If motorized vehicles are to be prohibited from non-motorized areas, then does this mean non-motorized enthusiasts should be prohibited from motorized areas? Should we, as the motorized faction, be as militant towards non-motorized enthusiasts? The intolerance seems to be aimed at snowmobiles, but there are far more polluting forms of backcountry access that fly overhead.

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