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On the meaning of hospitality, snowmobiling, a down under perspective and thanks again.

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I urge prohibitionists to look toward logic and not towards police propaganda in forming their attitudes towards the legislation of recreational drugs. Prohibition of drugs continues to not only fund the obvious sects of organized crime that embrace an easy money maker but also funds government bureaucracies, police departments, privatized prison industries as well as the pharmaceutical and drug companies.

Let the 1920s and ’30s failed prohibition and subsequent legalization of alcohol be an example of today’s errors and obvious solutions. Take heed to the consistent advice offered by the committees charged with the task of evaluating our drug laws, most notably the 1972 LeDain Commission as well as the 2002 Senate Committee report on Marijuana, both recommending not the "decriminalization" of marijuana but its legalization.

Andrew Budgell


Clear choices

We would like to thank Randy and Whistler Glass for their generous donation towards the Whistler Museum's exhibit celebrating the Whistler and Blackcomb anniversaries. The exhibit is entitled Two Mountains Are Better Than One and features a chance to vote for your favourite mountain by dropping a coloured "ballot" into one of the plexi-glass boxes – the unofficial winner, to date is Whistler!

Thanks again, Whistler Glass.

Karen Overgaard for

Board Members and Staff

Whistler Museum & Archives Society

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