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Kudos to Andrew, the benefits of Thank you, cross-country, community radio and caring for felines

Thanks for understanding, sharing

Andrew Mitchell's article on the Paralympic Games in Torino was excellent – he's far too modest about his reporting abilities. I only wish the "world's greatest sports reporters" had half the insight that Andrew has. He shared with us not only the total experience of the Torino Games, but more importantly he really understood the athletes and shared them with us.

Thank you Andrew. Keep up the good work!

Nancy Greene Raine

Sun Peaks

A simple turnaround?

Like many longtime locals these days I spend a good portion of everyday wondering how we turn ourselves and Whistler around. It struck me the other day that I am hoping to embark on my sixth trip to Nepal this fall. The first trip was a long-time dream to trek in the Himalaya, and I never imagined any more than the one visit to Nepal.

The mountains are incredible but it is the people that drew me back to experience their country four more times. The encounters with locals are not unlike our guest interactions – they ask me what country I am from, if it is my first trip to Nepal, how I like their mountains, answer any questions I have and wish me a good vacation. The difference is that they add a few more simple words. From young children to rifle-toting Maoists, they all finish with "Thank you for visiting Nepal."

Can the start of our turnaround be as simple as saying "Thank you for choosing to spend your vacation in Whistler" when we talk to visitors?

Sharon Audley


XC grows each winter

Thanks to the RMOW for the fantastic grooming and general efforts in making this a really great Nordic season. After last year's non-existent season, we skinny skiers were really ready for what we were handed this year. The season wrapped up on Sunday, April 2, with still a substantial snowpack in place and lots of happy skiers enjoying the last day.

To all those Whistler residents and guests throughout the season who chose to walk (with/without dogs) anywhere BUT the XC trails.... thanks very much. There are so many fabulous places to walk in Whistler all winter long, and only one place to XC ski on groomed trails.

For those of you who did choose to tromp down the middle of freshly groomed skate or classic tracks, we really do have to get you onto a pair of skis for you to fully appreciate:

1. just how much your actions impact the experience of all the skiers behind you, just because you either don't want to/can't read the signs saying no walking/no dogs, or just that you feel that you are entitled to absolutely anything you want whenever you want it just because you are you.

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