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Whistler.com defends, wetland destruction decried, tennis thanks, and how to be a good host

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Ms. Audley’s suggestion of including activities which cost visitors nothing but time is a good one and one we will incorporate into the village info section of the site. The call centre agents (a committed group of locals who I feel fortunate to be working with) are fully aware of all of the activities available and often recommend the non-paid options to our callers. We receive many e-mails and calls from guests who have been "inspired to come here" by locals dedicated to making Whistler a success. I would ask the community to give this team the respect they deserve and invite you to work with us as we continue to grow and evolve.

Diana Lyons

GM, Whistler.com

Thank you Whistler.com

I would like to acknowledge the team at whistler.com for having one of the most attractive and compelling websites in Whistler. The team at whistler.com has shown creativity and taken action in the face of many challenges. They initiated a "Mondays Free" campaign this winter that drove the mid-week market and successfully aligned Whistler on this value offer.  Whistler.com is now owned and operated by the community of Whistler and their mandate and scope are changing as a result. I encourage the team at Whistler.com to continue to harness their creatively and passion for Whistler in order to meet and exceed the needs and expectations of our guests. Thank you for all that you do for Whistler.

Trevor Chelswick


The destruction has begun

In spite of council's (well appreciated) decision to turn down the latest zoning application from Silverthorne Developments, in the past week I have seen (and had conversations with) surveyors hired by B.C. Rail working on the land in question behind Meadow Lane Townhomes. It appears that the powers that be have decided that this wetland ecosystem is of no value to anyone except the developers, and that it will be destroyed. In fact, as of May 18, it has been destroyed.

I find it very difficult to understand how – and why – this is happening. And yes, I understand that, as a property owner, it is my choice to determine what I plant and what I trash, and who I sell my land to. But if the developer feels that, by trashing this vibrant wildlife corridor, successive attempts at rezoning will be easier, maybe it is time to nip this destruction in the bud. I am assuming that this is the developers' motivation, as opposed to a knee-jerk, spiteful response from a development company that has had their plans frustrated for the third time in the last five years. If the latter, looks to me like they are thumbing their nose at the village council and the residents of Pemberton, which won't make them any more popular.

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