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Whistler.com defends, wetland destruction decried, tennis thanks, and how to be a good host

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Ironically the excavators were labeled with Terrane Development logos. The owner of this company is the same guy who boasted that the Silverthorne project was "smart growth." It has now been proven that it's not about being "smart" at all but more about dollar signs. I hope this puts a big black X on the developer’s credibility.

I then learned of a meeting between the developers in question and B.C. Rail at a golf course just prior to the destruction.

When I contacted the director of B.C. Rail Properties he seemed totally unaware of the real wildlife value of the land. He mentioned a mandate to sell this land, yet in the past four years I have not seen one for sale sign on that property, nor have I heard of their pressing intention to sell it. There isn't even any evidence of this property on their website.

So without logic and with a whole lot of vengeance, spite and malicious intent the land was destroyed anyway. This just reminds me of a spoiled child's attitude: "If I can't have it, no one can."

With stunts like this more people are going to want to move out of Pemberton instead of into it.

Launa Johnson


Junior tennis is alive in Whistler!

As parents of a junior tennis player we would like to thank Marjorie Blackwood, Peter Shelling, and Kirk Patterson, for creating the Whistler Junior Tennis Academy. The group, enthusiastically led by Kirk Patterson, participated in their first tournament in Abbotsford on May13, 2006. We were very impressed by the level of skill and sportsmanship that our Whistler Team displayed. Our small group took top places in all three categories; with a 1st place in the 14 year old and under, 2nd place in the 12 year old and under and 2nd place in the 10 the year old and under.

This is a clear indication of the high level of instruction and dedication from the fine instructors of the Whistler Racquet Club. It is a little known fact that Marjorie Blackwood is in the Tennis Hall of Fame and her husband Peter Shelling has competed at the highest levels in tennis.

It is quite remarkable how, with no funding or marketing, the Tennis Camps held at The Whistler Racquet Club are sold out every year months in advance.

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