Letters to the Editor 

The siren calls of the vocal minority

Decisions in the community of Pemberton are being made by the vocal minority. The people who pressured the Pemberton council to not to approve Silverthorne are not necessarily representative of the entire community.

There have been two successive Official Community Plans in which the now Silverthorne site has been earmarked for single-family or multi-family development. The OCPs have been created with the input of hundreds of community members, village staff, village councillors, special interest groups and planners. The land use for this property was contemplated by the village Advisory Land Use Committee and was endorsed for this type of development. The SLRD planning staff through the referral process supported the project with conditions that have been met. The Agricultural Land Commission is not opposed and has been involved in the planning process.

This project is good land use for everyone but the immediate neighbourhood. Some of the Meadows Lane townhome owners have been using the land as their own for many years. Their backyards have encroached, grass has been planted, fences have been installed, trails have been made and a large clearing with a picnic table and fire pit was created on someone else’s land, which has created this sense of entitlement. All of this within the alleged wetland they hold so dear.

This is not a wetland as indicated by the opponents to this project. The property is scrub brush, it consists of hard hack, willow and cottonwood trees, just as Meadows Lane and their encroaching backyards were before their development occurred. The mother bear and two cubs, as reported, is not a safe scenario given the number of children in the area. The fire hazard that existed on this site would definitely not work with the fire smart objectives of our community.

Meadows Lane residents have complained about potential traffic increase. Maybe if they eliminate the 16-20 illegal suites or businesses from within their strata and the flood plane, the traffic would be mitigated enough to allow for a legal and planned neighbourhood. The flood plane issues in Silverthorne have been addressed and the homes would have to conform to the Ministry of Environment Flood Construction Level, unlike the suites and businesses that are in the flood plane at Meadows Lane. The Hydrology study confirms the impact of this development is negligible.

This property does not affect Pemberton’s water supply. It is far downstream and on the other side of the benchlands ridge from the Pemberton well. It is virtually out of the Pemberton Creek Alluvial fan.

Storm water is to be managed fully on site through open ditching and infiltration trenches. The salmon are safe.

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