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Closing times, thanks, and no thanks

Speed kills, even in the country

Through the pages of Pique Newsmagazine I would like to express my concern at the reckless way some people drive along Pemberton Farm Road East.

On Tuesday evening whilst walking my dog with my youngest son accompanying me, we came across a tragic scene just past the entrance to the Townhomes on the Pemberton Plateau. A cat had been knocked down and left in the middle of the road, had the driver had the slightest bit of decency in their body, they would have stopped and moved the animal to the side of the road. Instead they chose to drive away and left it for someone else to deal with - unfortunately it was my nine year old son who discovered his best friends cat laying in the road, and it was my son who had to go and tell his friend's mum whilst all I could do was lift the cat to the side of the road.

To the gentleman who was concerned enough to stop and offer his assistance when my son and I discovered the cat may I say thank you. To Matthew and Derianna we can only say how sorry we are. And to those of you that continue to treat Pemberton Farm Road East like a race track please, please slow down; this time it was a much loved family pet next time it could be a child.

Lesley Clark


Shutting down our night life and our living

It is with great regret that I announce the closing of the Citta patio (at 11 p.m. every night) come July 1.

A month ago the RCMP, Tourism Whistler, municipality and the Hotel Association had a meeting and decided that the outdoor noise of Whistler needs to stop.

We, the service industry, were not invited to this meeting. Today, we found out that half of our capacity will be eliminated at 11 p.m. and our one and a half hours of highest sales will be diminished and given to the nightclubs.

The hotels are not affected by this decision. They do not have to close their doors and windows like we do. Yet, I do clearly remember being hit over three times this winter by a snowball walking to my car from work at night. The snowballs and yells came from hotel balconies.

Tourism Whistler is not affected by this decision. They are still advertising to the younger crowd for the May long weekend. Yet I thought we were trying to eliminate the young party crowd.


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