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It comes from the heart

Re: Spreading Positive Whistler Vibe & Paying it Forward by Jennifer Miller, (July 13th & 20th. issue of The Question)

Hmmmmmm.... How can you create a sense of abundance? Pay it forward initiative... what a wonderful positive thought.

The only thing of course is that people who truly give to others from their hearts are not looking to show it off. They’re probably not people who want to get some sort of prize or grand prize even though they deserve it. If they are just running around doing this like some sort of scavenger hunt with a business sense, it really isn't the kind of kind act that I would want to receive; it would certainly feel like it had another agenda, wouldn't you think?

People are doing kind acts all the time in Whistler by giving their time, their ideas, sharing who they are inside with their smiles and friendly faces, sharing their knowledge, experience, compassion and their way of life. I don't think there is a lack of kind acts in this community. I think if you are aware, you will see they are coming to you all the time in many different forms. If you are truly aware then you will see, and if your heart is open then you will receive, and if and when you can you will reciprocate at your own ability, because a true act of kindness is given without any return expectations.

As Catherine Ryan Hyde, author of Pay It Forward (www.payitforwardmovmement.com) suggested, kind acts come from the heart of who a person truly is; if you should be so lucky as to be able to give or receive such a gift I think the importance is to be humble and grateful.

Having said that, I think the initiative should be more focused on awareness. Let’s start with a grateful card. Look around to see what you can be grateful for. After you have found 10 things to put on your card you can turn it in to your local merchant and tell them, "It’s okay, I don't need the prize because guess what? Something really cool has happened." You may actually start to feel abundance.

I would be happy to help create something beautiful and enduring that helps to bring positive change to existing conditions, new opportunities and a fresh start. Let us make sure though… that we are coming from the right place: the heart. If you would like to help and would like to share some ideas please let me know. I would also like to send you my sincere Thanks because I have always wanted to write more letters to the paper and you have motivated me to do so. So from the bottom of my heart, I am truly grateful for this gift.

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