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Laptop theft, dangers of being a landlord, kudos to a good one, housing shortage, congratulations to the Janyks, outrageous Conference Centre deposits, and eight months for a demolition permit?

Soul-crushing theft

First of all, we would like to thank everyone who participated in and attended Soul Funktion Dance Studio’s Production of Time After Time last weekend. The event was a great success and all of the Soul Funktion dancers were proud to have been a part of it.

That being said, the members of Soul Funktion were shocked and saddened to hear that a laptop computer belonging to our studio owner, Codi Dalen, was stolen on the evening of Tuesday, Nov. 28. The laptop was taken from her car, a silver 2004 Toyota Matrix, from the parking underneath The Lagoons.

This is already a tough time for Codi, and losing her laptop makes it ten times worse. The laptop would be of little value to whoever took it, but it contains many important documents for the dance studio and, more importantly, many of Codi’s treasured photos and memories of her mom.

Our hearts go out to Codi during this difficult time, and we ask that if anyone has any information regarding Codi’s laptop to please contact her at 604-966-4645 or drop the laptop off at the studio in Function — no questions asked.

Codi has a lot going on, let’s not make it more difficult for her!

The Competitive Dance Team

of Soul Funktion Dance Studio



Landlords, tenants need better system

This letter was addressed to Councilor Ralph Forsyth. A copy was forwarded to Pique.

Re: Evening the playing field with the 'scum of the Earth.'

I'm pleased that there has been so much publicity on tenancy rights, but there definitely needs to be better systems to ensure both landlord and tenant have no choice but be fair to each other.

In one year I was privileged to have experienced more than one scum landlord. They were not the property owners, but young men who'd won the lease and rented the rooms at exorbitant rates. Both called themselves property managers, stating this as their line of business. For one, it was his only “job” and I'll bet he's not paying taxes.

I filed for a Residential Tenancy Office (RTO) arbitration hearing after my sub-landlord declared that “filing for arbitration doesn't work,” he wasn't my landlord but maybe the “God of the house” as he “managed the property”.   The many obvious flaws in these statements include one where I reported a leak in the ceiling and suggested contacting the owner, where he replied that there's nothing he can do about it and he won't. Property Manager? God of the house?

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