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Spring Creek Elementary, Alta Lake and Whistler Secondary School all participated in the campaign by bringing change to donate, and at this point Spring Creek is only slightly behind last year’s total which made them the top fundraising school of 480 participating in Canada! Thank you to the many children that emptied their own piggy banks and collected change door to door. And to Miss Penny and all the other teachers who gave so much time and support to the campaign.

Over 20 businesses participated by carrying boxes, including Boston Pizza, who also sponsored the pizza part for Spring Creek, Lululemon, Whistler Dental Clinic, Whistler Physiotherapy, Re/Max Realty, Art Junction, Whistler Medical Clinic and Dr. Janice Carr, Mountain Paint, WERC, Whistler Village Church, the i-Host crew, Delish and the Grocery Store, the Whistler Chamber of Commerce, Past Lupino, Whistler Reception Services, the Whistler Question and Riverside Campground.

The North Shore Credit Union counted all the changed donated for free, making them truly wonderful corporate hometown stars.

And finally, upon hearing of the campaign, Susan Shrimpton and the skating club went to bat and got involved in soliciting, delivering and picking up boxes from helpful companies. Thank you to all who took boxes in an effort to raise some money for this cause. Our heartfelt thanks to these groups who really know what volunteering and compassion are all about. I am proud to live here.

Lorna Van Straaten

Parent Co-ordinator

Parents for Patients/Loonies for Leukemia



Some advice for all

My dad has always been interested in recycling. Now I know why. When I turn on the TV at night and flick through the channels I always seem to pass by the news and hear another sad event in a new part of the world. People are killing and dying in Iran and Iraq everyday. Many countries, including the U.S and Britain, are causing pain and sorrow for oil. Oil is not a renewable resource and is going to run out quickly. We are going to have to find another way to travel and heat our homes or our world is going to end sooner than we expected.

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