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Each day most of the world drives to work or drives to their daily activities. Driving has just become part of our everyday life and that is going to have to end soon, or global warming is going to get worse and worse. Who knows, Blackcomb and Whistler mountains, our most valuable tourist draw, might not get any snow and that would lead to disaster.

If we could only find another way to travel and stop using oil. Other issues come to mind in this area. The garbage. We all want to make money fast, so the big companies use more than enough packaging to make their products look big. They normally use plastic, which cannot be recycled and just makes the dumps bigger. We just ship our garbage away to make more room. But have we ever thought that it leaves us and just goes somewhere else and makes another dump somewhere bigger? And normally that dump will just burn the trash, and that causes global warming. Everything is just one big circle that always leads you back to the pollution of the planet and which in turn leads to the solution.

Bike or walk to work if you can, recycle as much as you can and, most importantly, be nice to the environment.

I am going to leave you with words from my six-year-old friend who once starred with me in a movie that was in the 2001 Filmmaker Showdown. Quoting Raven Morin: “Garbage is all stinky and everyone leaves it on the planet and it is bad for the planet and it is bad for the animals. So could you please stop doing it people? I wish you could but I know you don't understand me.”

Aleea Dahinden, age 11



The end of a great run

As many who were close to me knew, I was planning to transition out of my Recreation Programmer position by the end of 2007. The interim manager of facilities and general manager of our department were notified in writing of not only my intentions to resign effective Dec. 14 th of this year, but my overall dissatisfaction with internal structural changes being implemented. I thanked management for a great eight years but stressed that for both personal and professional reasons I would be working with them in ensuring a smooth transition as I departed by ends year. However, on Friday, Jan. 26 th I was asked to hand in my keys, handed eight weeks pay, and asked to leave the Meadow Park Sports Centre immediately.

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