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I debated long and hard about the pros and cons of writing this letter but after careful consideration I decided it was the just thing to do. In addition to providing closure, I felt that this sort of educational piece could inspire others who have been released from an organization that they had served proficiently for years.   To those of you I say, “there is a better path for you”.   “Reap the rewards of these new adventures as you are worth it.” Take pride in knowing that this is not a reflection of you. It is a quick fix by organizations in response to budgetary restraints and not to the overwhelming contributions of its employees.

Now working as a Community Schools Recreation Programmer for five elementary schools and one high school for the Gladstone Family of Schools (Vancouver School Board, East Vancouver), I wanted to take the time to formally say goodbye to the great little resort community and its diverse families I grew to love over the past eight years. All of you hold a special place in my heart and I truly have enjoyed watching your children grow up in a number of programs that I have gotten off the ground in my tenure with the RMOW.

Of course, I never thought I would be writing an editorial piece to say goodbye to the families of this great community, but given that my conveniently titled “pay in lieu of notice period” wraps up at the end of March, the timing I felt was appropriate. It was a great run and it is the families, community groups, and partners that I have worked with that won’t be forgotten. Whistler will always be a second home to me, and it is that sense of family that I will remember fondly and treasure.

Michael Henderson

Community Schools Programmer

Gladstone Family of Schools


Our collective future is the issue

In response to the letter written by Joe Bako (A familiar script, Pique March 29):

If you think that conquest by deception, guile and force is par for the course, that is a pretty sad statement about your expectations for humanity. I’m not being naïve about the way the world works, I’m saying that the issue is as much about deciding what we, as a society, would like to see happen in the future as about recognizing what happened in the past. No one is disputing that we are all here to stay. The question is, what kind of society are we building for all of us?

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