Letters to the editor 

Lights on, everybody’s gone home

Walking through the quiet streets of Whistler at 5 a.m. one morning last week, to catch the 5:30 a.m. Greyhound bus, I was appalled to see so many bright lights inside 90 per cent of Whistler Village stores.

What is going on? I know that security lights are a good thing, but surely a million watt light show inside each store is hardly necessary. What’s wrong with one small exit light left on?

I passed one activity booking store, whose desk computers were on full mode, the screen showing the running desktop! In this day and age where we are all trying to save that extra piece of cardboard for recycling, or switching off the garden lights. Come on Whistler store owners, let's see some energy saving initiative.

I look forward to my next early morning walk through the village....

Claire Mosley


Douchebags indeed

I’d like to shake Andrew Mitchell’s hand for his essay “On Douchebaggery,” possibly the finest assessment ever penned regarding Whistler’s epidemic of callous, unthinking behaviour. While by no means exhaustive, his examples — littering, tagging, vandalism — are spot-on. And his remedial clarion call of active engagement the only logical way for citizens to share community vision with those who have no values. I’ve lost track of the times I’ve found smouldering butts/roaches on the disc golf course during high fire hazard, or picked up empty bottles, cans, coffee cups and plastic bags filled with dog shit (?) cast into the woods. What kind of person litters a verdant forest? If you can’t remember to clean up because you’re stoned, then duh … don’t be. Douchebag.

Certainly some of the guilty are visitors (during the WSSF, a Vancouver gang member who didn’t like being told to slow down for pedestrians in the conference centre parking lot got out of his car to spit in my face — nice) but far too many douchebags clearly live here. From whence their attitude? Nature or nurture? Is it possible proto-douchebags are triggered by unconscious trickle-down from background douchebaggery? Like, oh, I don’t know… the hypocrisy of preaching “sustainability” but practicing little more than sustained over-development, inexplicably looking to answer empty beds by littering the valley with yet more rabid construction? Greed-mongers, short-changers and Olympic gougers tagging every visible surface with dollar signs, corporate logos and registered trademarks? Vandalizing the environment with two-stroke commerce, razed forests and in-filled wetlands?

Not that there’s anything wrong with that… I’m just sayin’.

Leslie Anthony

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