Letters to the editor 

Safe once again

Well, I am writing this letter now that I feel safe in my own village again. The “crowd” from the “unmentionable city” has left and I have walked back out my door. I am not going to get beat for anything I am about to say, until at least next year when the village of Whistler invites our intolerable guests back with open hotel room doors!

I say this because, unfortunately, I feel as if each year I am closer to being stabbed in my own town. I know as I am writing this letter I feel as though I may be a bit over exaggerating, but then as I started to think about all of the “abuse” that has been happening, I realize I am not over exaggerating, but actually have waited far too long to write this letter.

Well, due to the business that I work in, I have had to stay in the village this weekend (my most dreaded weekend every year!) and unfortunately, have felt every night the fear of going home, and every morning how amazing our village stroll looks… and reminds me of somewhere else… Ohhh that’s right of Granville Street after the Canucks lose a Stanley Cup… I know we can all imagine this!

Fortunately for us there are a lot of businesses that are stepping up to their responsibility of screening hotel occupants and who is entering into clubs, and who we let ride our public transit. Unfortunately for us there are still owners and managers that will let anything go for a quick buck.

I believe this has to change or our village will not be here (neither will our employees) for next year or the year after, etc. It is a funny thing when everyone’s Facebook messages read stay away from Whistler, and first words on Monday night are “Screw their money, thank god they’re gone!”

I hope that I receive a response and serious consideration to this letter, and maybe another town meeting should be held this year and more new bylaws enforced. Either that or our poor RCMP should be more heavily armed for their safety. (A big thanks to them by the way.)

Sherry Blake


Let’s take back the weekend

As a member of this community I believe it is time to claim back the Victoria Day weekend from all the little thugs who come up here to pick fights and act like they own the place.

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