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Safe once again

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The May long weekend used to have the Great Snow, Earth, Water Race and a fun party atmosphere that brought locals and weekenders together in a fun competitive environment where families and singles could have a good time.

I realize that bylaw and the RCMP are doing there best to control the little thugs but we as a community have to stop this downward spiral by putting our foot down NOW!

Intimidation, fights, stabbings and swarmings are what the May long weekend represents now and if we truly want to build up the shoulder seasons to bring more business into town we better get tough and creative.

A small example of this behavior showed its teeth while I was in the 7-Eleven grabbing something cold to drink. Several youths of Indo-Canadian background were taking sips from their cups and then pouring them on the ground in the store and laughing at the check-out people. They were butting in line and pushing kids out of the way when I finally had enough. I asked them to wait in line and behave like human beings instead of animals and they began to bristle and give me the group stare. Nothing happened but I gave myself a kick as there could have been eight guys waiting outside to jump me by speaking out. Is this right?

Let’s take back the weekend by either having roadblocks like New Year’s Eve to weed these folks out or maybe start fighting fire with water. Nothing like some water cannon action to cool them down.

Where are the Tasers when you need one?

Grant Lamont


School board elections important

I read with interest Bob Barnett’s remarks, “Preparing for change” (Pique Opening Remarks May 15). He notes all the different areas of election that we as a public will be focused on over the next year, but forgets to mention the election of local school trustees to the Howe Sound Board of Education. 

Unfortunately, over the past 12 years the interest and coverage of these elections has been minimal. What a shame — the elected or often acclaimed individuals to the position of school trustee are entrusted with the policies that shape the educational experience of our children at our local schools.

I have had the privilege to represent Whistler on the Howe Sound Board of Education for the past 12 years but will not be running for a fifth term.

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