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Safe once again

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During the nomination period for this last term I was the only one who submitted nomination papers and the nomination period had to be extended while a few of us phoned around in search of another willing soul. For this we should all be thankful to Chris Vernon Jarvis for coming forward and giving of his time towards the excellent education our children receive.

We as trustees face many important issues and struggle with limited budgets to meet the many demands of parents and staff who only want the best for the children in our communities. But making statements and pointing out areas of concern are not what school trustees do — we must find solutions to the increasing landscape of educational demands.

Just recently our mandate has expanded to include early education and adult education, but our budget has not. However, we as a board of education are finding ways to meet these needs.

We are also faced with an every increasing challenge of staffing our schools with excellent leaders, but we continue to meet this demand knowing that every child counts.

So please take some time to ask your local papers for more information about school trusteeship, for more articles about education and what our board of education is doing, and finally take the time to consider running for school trustee in Whistler. Let’s have an election, not an acclamation! Let’s have debate about education at meetings and let’s put a focus on school trustees. They are worth it — after all they are your local education policy makers and leaders in conversation with the provincial government.

Andrée Vajda Janyk


Two cents worth meaningless

Why do editors follow what appears to be a dictum to describe elections in a lopsided way, as in federally only talking about the Liberals and Conservatives as though there were no others and only leaning on polls which are only a measure of the grasshopper voter who seems to think that changing their vote between Liberal and Conservative is an epoch, no matter how often it happens?

Or in provincial political reporting referring to the leader of the opposition as having little impact as though you weren’t listening, rather than quoting the party’s position, and then trying to say that the leader of the government was worth emulating because he put a two cents tax on gasoline as though it was a good and sensible thing. In view of the huge rise in price lately of gasoline, this token tax means nothing. People will make changes when they can, following years of preaching to use, use, use. We cannot change overnight and the two cents won’t help.

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