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Safe once again

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As to who anyone thinks will get elected, it would be a different perspective if we had proportional representation in all our assemblies, both provincial and federal.

We were promised reform in B.C. but arrangements were made to make it not happen. So instead of being able to vote for a P.R. system we got a piece of nonsense which we hear we may get a chance to vote for again.

Terry Smith

Garibaldi Highlands

Guilty until proven innocent

I came to Whistler to work. There are help wanted signs all over this town, the papers are swollen with classified ads, politicians are frenzied about the Olympics.

Knowing full well that housing in Whistler is scarce, I packed up my camper van, prepared to camp until I found long term accommodation. Every night I drive this big old van to camp by Pemberton, or I stay at friends’ houses. (I cannot afford the hefty $1,500 per month at the campground here.) Every morning I drive back into town to work, without one word of complaint.

I was looking forward to my one day off in town and arrived to the day lots, ready to go boarding for the day, when I was presented with a fine from a bylaw officer claiming that I was camping overnight in the day lots. Her reasoning was that, "We can’t prove that you weren’t here."

Why is the Whistler municipality making it so difficult for the people that are answering their call for help? And why were these tickets given only to older camper vans, not to new or rented RVs? Some of us don’t have a choice but to drive our temporary homes around, and I find this discrimination insulting. I have done nothing wrong, and would appreciate seeing this ticket voided.

K. Hughes

White Rock

Gobbling up history

I just finished reading Kevin Damaskie’s 2020 column on the No Trace Loonie Race. What a great idea.

Just wanted to let him know those fun old garbage collectors were called Garbage Gobblers and were placed at rest stops all over the province. I remember having my photo taken with one as well. It’s too bad fun items like this have disappeared from our landscape; maybe kids would get the idea recycling can be fun if they were still around. Perhaps Whistler could come up with some fun (bear proof) garbage gobblers that would not only encourage proper disposal but make those “green bins” look more attractive. The rest of the community looks good, why not the garbage cans as well?

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