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Safe once again

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As an aside, the same thing has happened to the big stop of interest signs that were at many of the rest stops and pull outs. If they were still around perhaps visitors would slow down and enjoy the scenic and historic spots and learn a little more of the history of our province.

Kevin also says Barkerville is a replica Gold Rush Town. In fact Barkerville is British Columbia’s Gold Rush Town and is a real town on its original location with the majority of the buildings original to the site. This is unique because it is quite rare for historic sites in Canada not to be reproductions. Barkerville was the province’s special project in celebration of the 1958 Centennial and this year Barkerville is celebrating its 50th anniversary as a Provincial Historic Site.

If any of your readers are coming to the Cariboo and Barkerville areas remind them to bring their bikes and hiking boots as there are many great trails in the area.

Good luck with the fight against litter and we hope you all have a great summer.

Robin Sharpe

Manager, Visitor Programs

Barkerville Historic Town

Misdirected howling

Re: Neil Thompson’s letter, Too close to home, too far removed (Pique letters May 15)

Neil, Neil, Neil. What's going on in West Vancouver that's got you hating women? All of your points with regards to the B.C. government seem valid. I haven't checked the facts, but you sound like you know what you're talking about. You may even be right.

What I take issue with is the early 1900s attitude toward women. Did you not hear that the bear was killed near the school? Don't you think some of the "howling" was about the fact some guy is walking around the school with a loaded gun?

I'm pretty sure the maternal instinct to protect your child kicks in at this point. I guess your mom didn't hug you enough. If you keep writing letters like this I don't like your chances of making a female "howl" ever again.

Chris McKinney


Way to go Pemberton

Congratulations Pemberton for securing an “Accessible Playground” for kids with disabilities and all abilities. It will be a great asset to your community and I am hoping Whistler will follow shortly with one of its own.

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