Letters to the editor 

When there is smoke, there is usually fire!

Not to be a cynic, but details surrounding Olympic operations have hardly been what you would call forthcoming. One thing I have learned is that when there is smoke, there is usually fire.

In this case, the smoke might be the discussions surrounding the temporary re-zoning measures to be put in place by the municipality in order to facilitate various operations during the Games. These temporary re-zoning measures will allow the Muni and VANOC for that matter to do what they wish, as they wish for the good of the Games.

One such possibility is the rise of a retail “superstore” and a food and beverage “tent city” on the golf course driving range. For VANOC and the future operators of such a thing imagine the revenue potential. For anyone else in the retail, food, or beverage business, which is most of us, this would be a disaster!

We are all trying to figure out how to just survive through this period without worrying about outside competition moving in with the blessing of our local government, taking what they can, and quickly departing when the Games have ended.

Now there may not be anything to this, and I really hope there is not. There are however, a lot of people in town talking about it, and when there is smoke there is usually fire.

Sandy Black


Village idiots!

The three stabbing incidents on the May 17th long weekend mark the further decline of Whistler as a safe place to live or visit. It is clear that the action plans set out by past committees, RMOW staff and the RCMP have failed to correct a problem which does not only present itself on this long weekend, but many weekends throughout the year.

Councillor Lorriman is out of touch in thinking that these idiots come here for pre-grad celebrations. They come here to pick fights with innocent people, insult and intimidate anyone they come across and literally, beat the crap out of people if they can get a word out of them in response to their tactics. This has been happening for many years now and enough is enough.

Forget your statistics showing a declining number of incidents over the past two years. Talk to the people who worked that weekend and every other weekend and you'll hear the real story. Think about the fact that the police station was broken into and radios stolen. Now the idiots have a way of listening to the police and knowing when they're coming. They've got the upper hand.

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