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Politicians missed the bus

The destruction of Whistler wetlands for 20 hydrogen buses only adds to the already wasteful exercise of the pointless hydrogen buses, Hydrogen Highway and other current provincial automotive hydrogen initiatives.

While hydrogen may, in the future, become a reasonable energy carrier if produced by the electrolysis of water through nuclear power, or solar or other renewable sources, its promotion and use for automotive purposes today is a completely misleading political ploy on the part of both Premier Gordon Campbell and Hummer-driving California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger.

As readers may confirm at  http://www1.eere.energy.gov/hydrogenandfuelcells/production/natural_gas.html and numerous other sites, 95 per cent of U.S. and likely Canadian hydrogen production is through destructive reforming of natural gas or similar hydrocarbons, in a process both requiring more energy, and producing more greenhouse gases than simply using natural gas itself as the fuel.

Any hydrogen produced by more benign methods is already given better use elsewhere; that's why 95 per cent is being inefficiently produced from natural gas.

Therefore, as we look at the water dripping out of the tailpipe of a hydrogen vehicle as Campbell and Schwarzenegger encourage us to do, all we accomplish is a loss of energy efficiency, and the production of more greenhouse gases elsewhere.

There will be a proper time for the use of hydrogen as an energy carrier in the future, but its use at the present time so that we can pat ourselves on the back during the Olympics, is just an ignorant waste of energy and money, and all Sea to Sky residents should realize this as we see a hydrogen bus or other vehicle drive by.

Doug Morrison

Garibaldi Highlands

Whistler 2020 ‘made a mockery’?

Stating that a small go-kart track located 18 km south of town in an already disturbed area has reduced the importance of and "Makes a mockery" of the Whistler 2020 document shows great disrespect toward all those involved in drafting and living within its guidelines, and is a ludicrous and unnecessary use of hyperbole by Alan Whitney, of the Forest and Wetlands Committee.  The foundation of Whistler 2020 is solid! Let's respect it, and not throw stupid accusations around reducing its importance.

Perhaps, just perhaps, all our "cringing" councillors should be addressing some of the bigger issues facing our town, such as the possibility of a "Red Zone" wetland being paved over for a hydrogen bus refueling centre.

I spent Father's Day at the go-kart track, as did many other locals. To hear the laughter of the little boys sharing with their dads the things their dads shared with them was manifest magic.

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