Letters to the editor 

The smell lingers

The municipality is flushing money down the drains but still a sewer line to the residents on Alta Lake road does not appear to be their priority. The grants obtained for waste water treatment upgrades seem to have been siphoned off for improving the existing sewer line in Alpine, and a new water transfer station is currently being built on Alta Lake Road.

Since 1990 we have repeatedly been promised connection to the sewer mains, but here we are 18 years later and still waiting; the standard excuse is that there are insufficient funds!

For a town hosting the 2010 Olympics, the media might enjoy highlighting the fact that despite the much touted “green and sustainable” policy some “smelly” issues have been ignored at the expense of the environment and the water quality of Alta Lake.

Caroline Cluer


Accessible transportation for all

I watched a young lady getting stuck at the gondola bus loop over the Labour Day long weekend trying to catch a bus; none were available for her and she did not look too happy or impressed. I knew about this for a long time but it really came home to me when I witnessed this happen. I spoke to the RMOW person responsible for transit and she said she passes on the complaints she gets all the time to B.C. Transit, who is responsible for supplying us with buses.

Vancouver became fully accessible for transportation this past summer. They have three separate revenue sources that provided the funds for the buses through Translink.

B.C. Transit is supposed to replace our buses on a 20-year cycle. I spoke to the media people for B.C. Transit and they confirmed that Whistler will only start to see new buses in the fall of 2009 and perhaps we will have a fully accessible fleet by the 2010 Winter Games.

The Paralympics and Olympic testing events start this fall and winter and so should our public transportation for moving people around, especially those with disabilities. There is no "magic wand" in this it seems, as budgets for transportation are set years in advance and it took Vancouver 17 years to become fully accessible.

Our transportation problems go beyond the Whistler community though and include moving people to Whistler from Vancouver and YVR. Currently the only accessible transportation via vuses is through Greyhound, and that requires 48 hours notice to set up a bus that can hold two mobility-restricted individuals.

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