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A plea for heroes

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Then our new council will move in and set up a beautiful outdoor ice rink on one side and either reforest or build employee-based housing on the other.

I was flipping through the pages of the new Ski Magazine, and I saw a photo from Heavenly Village of this beautiful outdoor skating rink in the midst of winter and thought, that’s where I would like to be with my wife and baby on any given evening during the 2010 Olympics. Wait a second, Heavenly Village is in Lake Tahoe, not in Whistler. I was dreaming again of the best resort in the world, I guess I was mistaken to assume it was ours.

Iain Warren


The guest experience

I am not the usual send-a-letter-to-the-paper the minute something pisses me off kind of person. However, this small situation caught me thinking!

Recently, on a very wet and quiet day in the village (shoulder season) I was with my gracefully aging parents who happened to be visiting Whistler. We were researching hotels for a future family reunion I have been trying to get off the ground for sometime. We pulled into the turnaround in front of the Crystal lodge and the Adara Hotels. We stopped in one of the empty five-minute hotel check in spots. The plan was to look in the lobbies and gather brochures from both these properties.

In the time (less than one minute) it took to cross the road and enter one lobby we were followed inside and accosted by an employee of the other hotel. She stopped my father's wife and told her in no uncertain terms "you have to move your car immediately” out of our five-minute spot. (Two minutes had now passed since we got out of the car.)

This may not seem to be too much to ask, except.... I see three problems with the way this employee of the " service industry" treated these guests of our resort.

1) We must put ourselves in the place of the guest and ask ourselves if we were in an unfamiliar place would we want to be harassed by some employee of the service industry when we had not even been out of our car for 2 minutes?

2) Does this situation warrant possibly upsetting a guest to the resort and creating an unpleasant memory? (They will go home and tell a few people.)

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