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A plea for heroes

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This is what happens when you have to build very large projects against an absolute deadline in a climate of record supply costs across the board. I can’t wait until we get the bill from the provincial government, although this bill will be hidden in the fine print, off the back page.

This council and mayor worked incredibly hard through what by any standard has been the most difficult period in the history of this resort for managing costs and development pressures, most of which were completely beyond our control and fait accompli. Despite this they got more done in one term than perhaps any council in our history. They had to. They did not have the luxury of time to reflect carefully for months and months on many of these decisions. They had to play the hand that they were given and it was a hand full of very weak cards in the face of straight flushes and four of kind that VANOC and the province had.

Me… I have given in, after all, what else can you do but go with the flow now that the train is coming. I am going to strap on my 2010 pin, VANOC T-shirt and show every visitor that comes to Whistler the best damn experience they could possibly have. Because at the end of the day, the value we get as a community out of this entire brutal exercise is really up to us. Expensive, you bet. Could we afford it?… never thought so. But now that we are committed and wholly invested, despite our better judgment, we better make the most of it because we are going to be paying for it for a long time to come.

And all you pro-Olympics types with perfect hindsight… have another drink, after all you are getting exactly what you wanted and deserve, you should be the ones celebrating. The rest of us will try to refrain from saying “I told you so”.

Jayson Faulkner


Leading in signs

I invite my fellow Whistler residents to join me in an entertaining new game. I call it “Count the Jag Bhandari signs!” Driving from Creekside to Nesters today, I counted a mind-boggling 86 plastic (I checked) election signs posted by Surrey resident and Whistler mayoral candidate Jag Bhandari.

Residents north of Nesters and south of Creekside can have fun counting in their neighbourhoods too!

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