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Most people who live in Whistler do so because it is a mountain town. We prize the fact that we can be in wilderness after a 5 or 10 minute walk/ski/hike/bike from just about anywhere in the community. In our daily lives, we try to walk gently on this earth. We make our living, for the most part, by sharing our loved town with visitors who have many of the same passions we do. We realize that there is a fine balance between the natural and built environments and tipping too far to the built side of things may result in the death of the proverbial goose. That’s why we have bought in to our community plan and the idea that we are going to think long and hard before there is any growth beyond that clearly defined line called the bed cap. There is nothing stale about the concept — it seems to me in this age to continue to be prudent, responsible and successful.

Moving away from the cap on development now seems to be one of the planks in Kristi’s platform, judging from her response at the meeting. Given the importance of that issue to so many people here, it would have been helpful if she had mentioned that in her speech or interviews, instead of speaking of fire trucks in the Canada Day parade or platitudes about “direction” or “leadership.”

Ken has been forthright in his discussion about the issues, in my estimation. His views on unrestricted growth are well known. While I have had some serious disagreements with Ken over the last three years, I am willing to give him another chance to work with the public on the budget and spending priorities, to meaningfully consult with the community on the issues of the day and to periodically escape from the clutches of Muni Hall to hear what the townspeople think.

In the meantime, I would ask all of the candidates to put their agendas on the table for all to see so that we can make well-informed decisions on voting day.

Nancy Wilhelm-Morden


There are more choices

As the proponent of a new university, Dr. Doug Player should have a better grasp of facts and logic.

First the facts. In his letter last week he referred to the "rushing through" of the Protected Area Network (PAN). This process dates back 10 years to the Whistler Environmental Strategy, which predated Whistler2020. Countless staff and volunteer hours have gone into it over that decade, and significant public input has been incorporated. Contrary to Dr. Player's assertion, the process has been anything but rushed.

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