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Regarding logic, Dr. Player offers a false dilemma reminiscent of George W. Bush's "you're either with us or you're against us." According to him the choice is either: (a) his university on an environmentally sensitive site, the Alpha Creek Wetlands; or (b) no university at all.

The fact is, there are more choices. There are other sites, and there are other educational institutions.

Over the coming decade we can expect many more rezoning applications in which the more sensitive the site, the bigger will be the plum offered to the community (university, arena, whatever). The purpose of the PAN is to apply a scientific lens to our land-use decisions to protect and link the most important wildlife habitats. We need that guidance to help decide which rezoning applications make sense within the context of the whole valley.

The PAN and protetion of the Alpha Creek wetlands have emerged as pivotal issues in this election. We know Mayor Ken Melamed and Councillors Forsyth, Zeidler and Lorriman support the PAN and protection of the site. It’s unclear where Kristi Wells and other candidates stand.

To voters, please ask these other candidates to clarify their positions before casting your vote.

Bob Brett, M.Sc., R.P.Biologist.


A Sharpe rebuttal

This past Saturday afternoon at the Chamber of Commerce All Candidates Meeting, I suffered what can only be described as an unethical and inappropriate personal attack by Councillor Tim Wake.

Councillor Wake raised a housing issue that has been before the RMOW and the B.C. Supreme Court for the past few years. During this outburst Mr. Wake made many inflammatory suggestions that included many false and misleading statements.

After receiving a deluge of supportive phone calls and e-mails following this event I feel the need to respond to these prejudicial comments.

First, I am no longer a petitioner in the legal action that remains before the court, nor do I have any vested interest in the housing in question.

These referenced legal actions, against the RMOW and the WHA, have always been an effort by the owners to find clarity in a housing agreement that was poorly drafted, poorly presented and misinterpreted by the WHA.  To date there have been no efforts made by these owners to set aside any restrictive covenants that were in place at the time these residential lots were purchased.

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