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The developers have voted with their feet. This is evidenced by the alarmingly few applications that are currently making their way through the system. Quite simply, there is very little work in the system post-Olympics.

I am always amazed when conversations occur about how we make our money as a town. Conversations always focus on hotel nights. The conversation never seems to recognize the contribution of the construction industry. Whistler is bracing itself for a 15 per cent to 20 per cent decrease in tourism this year. Imagine, on top of that decrease if there is a huge exodus of construction workers and their dollars.

Thankfully it would appear that the new candidates running for the leadership of our town seem to recognize that we have a problem that needs to be solved. I think we need to create a new way of doing business. We need to bring municipal staff, councillors, and developers into the same room and hash out deals up front. We then need to execute on these deals. At the end of the day, the fully executed deal needs to look very similar to the one that was negotiated in the beginning.

The lending institutions are going to insist on this change. It is common sense if one deal has contingent risk (unknown outcome) and one does not, the lender is going to loan to the one that is defined.

Let’s get ahead of the curve and move forward as a town into this new Win/Win model. Let’s make it our goal as a community to execute brilliantly on the first wave of short-term housing ready in time for the Olympics. We own the land, we have the expertise to rezone and construct, with plummeting oil prices and global recession construction prices are going to fall dramatically. The time is right to make this a reality. The short-term housing project on the BCBC lands is ambitious but most certainly not impossible.

Tim Regan


Is JB serious?

I can’t help but unload my annual letter to the editor this week after having the chance to read JB’s election platform. If I can only say one thing to my fellow Whistler residents it is: get out there and vote, vote for anyone you like; just don’t waste your vote on JB. I am sorry, but has anyone that has ever run for mayor, anywhere, ever been more out of touch with the community in which they are running for the top seat?

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