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Trying to exercise a right

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After reading last week’s papers I thought that this must be a joke, this JB who littered our highway with those unsightly election signs (good on you Eckhard for making a stand against the election signs, your fellow candidates should take this move to heart). JB who doesn’t live in our community. What is up with that picture JB?

JB, a few questions and comments on your responses to candidate questions posted in the paper last week: 1) These reality TV shows that you talk about; will they be developed, created and paid for by Whistler taxpayer dollars? I really don’t think that’s the best use of the community tax revenues. 2) I agree that it is important for us to be able to communicate with our children and grandchildren, but I really don’t see this as the job of our municipal government. 3) As for those paper cups and tents that you feel will be the No. 1 issue that Whistler faces in the next three years, I would like to turn your attention to the top stories in this week’s (and the past 10 years) local newspapers: housing, daycare, housing, daycare, housing, daycare, guest visits, attracting skilled workers, housing, daycare, housing, daycare, 2010 Games, the environment, housing, daycare, housing, daycare.

To all Whistler residents, get out there and vote. Vote for Ken. Vote for Kristi. Vote for Brian, or vote for Miro. Just don’t waste your vote by voting for JB, you will do no one any good.

JB, are you serious about being Mayor, or is it all a hoax?

Dave Clark


Where wealth flows

Kristi Wells opened her mayoral candidacy speech Saturday by intimating, nay explicating, her tight ties to those of power and wealth in our province (and beyond). Are we to be comforted by this? That in “these times” we need not fear her, as the playgrounds of the rich will not be left idle? Or would she have us conclude that with her connections we will be protected, but not without?

Have we not learned in recent weeks (through a brutal and costly illumination of the fiscal and societal children of the Reagan/Thatcher ideologies) that, indeed, wealth does not trickle down; it gets squeezed up?

John Hall

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