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Referendum affects ineligible voters

I am unable to vote in the upcoming Pemberton municipal election. I live outside the current village boundaries. However, if I had (should’ve, would’ve, could’ve) run for council or mayor, then I would have a democratic voice.

The majority of candidates in the race do not live within the village limits, and I guess lose the photo op of casting ballots for themselves. The majority of candidates also have real estate and development interests — congrats on stacking the council! Maybe everyone will need to abstain from voting on any issues pertaining to anything.

Along with the election comes a referendum on the boundary expansion, which I commend. Unfortunately, those most affected (i.e. who are not yet part of the village) do not get to vote in this either.

Whether landowner who has already expressed non-support, or Lil’wat Nation who have not yet received appropriate consultation, the town is expanding into other people’s property and backyards. Those ineligible to vote are far more affected by the boundary expansion than those who already live in the village core.

Would you even notice? I will, if the “hill-side development” encroaches on my walking trails, mushroom picking, or nude sunbathing. So will the bears that live next door. Bears unfortunately, have never been blessed by being a part of the democratic process, but as a human I expect more. We deserve to have a say in what goes on in our backyards. We shop, work and play in your village — it’s a disgrace to not be included in the decision making process.

Happy voting Pemberton.

Judi Krzyzanowski

Mount Currie

A Whistler Welcome for all

I read with interest the Gibbons Hospitality Group’s ad in last week’s newspapers for their Welcome Week Events. I would like to commend the Gibbons Hospitality Group for offering welcoming events for their new staff from Nov. 11th to 15 th .

However, I would like to take this opportunity to differentiate it from Whistler Community Services Society’s long-standing Welcome Week events, which will be running the same week. WCSS has worked hard to offer new-to-Whistler seasonal workers Welcome Week events for the past six years as a way of developing community connectivity and building Whistler’s social capital.

WCSS and countless sponsors do this for all new arrivals to Whistler by pitching in to run various community events designed to let them experience a warm and welcoming atmosphere while showing that a caring community lives here. It is hoped that this week of events results in a sense of ownership by these young people who are so necessary to the success of Whistler. Please see our ad in the paper to see all the events offered this year.

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