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Have some respect

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Out on the runs, no direction signs of any kind when you arrive at the first main junction coming out of the lodge! No signs saying which runs have been groomed! Signs at the junctions so small you have to ski right up to them and stop to read them! No graphic images for people who don’t read English! Signs on the hill with the blank back side facing the big coloured incomprehensible maps! Those maps with graphics like a ball of wool and a YOU ARE HERE arrow pointing somewhere in the middle!

Everywhere people confused about where they are, what road leads where, how far it is back to the lodge, what time the shuttle leaves, where it parks, when the café closes! What fun!

Just don’t let the Lost Lake operators come in and spoil it all with their excellent way-finding, common-sense directional signs and readable maps.

Peter Ladner


Say not to TCUPs

I would like to thank all of Whistler’s council members for their vote to reject the TCUP bylaw. As an owner of a small, family owned retail business in Whistler we feel very strongly that this is the honourable and fair decision. This decision will reward small businesses like ours, who have paid exorbitant rents for the past five+ years in hopes of finally being rewarded for their commitment to Whistler and for their contribution to the community.

Mayor Ken Melamed should be ashamed of himself for his vote in favour of the bylaw. His job is to look after Whistler, yet he is obviously in VANOC's hip pocket.

The purposed superstore that VANOC intends to build, in hopes of capitalizing on maximum revenues for the few months leading up to, during, and after the Olympics, will inevitably drive the last few remaining small, unique retail stores out of Whistler, leaving it as everyone feared should the Olympics come to town — a corporate village, lacking any unique character that it was once so well known for.

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