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How many months of $15,000-$20,000/month leases has VANOC paid in the past? Businesses such as ours have shelled out hundreds of thousands of dollars a year in rent for far too long, only to lose out to VANOC, who intend on blowing into town for a few months, maybe a year, and then packing up shop and leaving.

The idea of the TCUP bylaw is completely ludicrous and unacceptable. Please councillors, continue to do as you have and look out for Whistler’s small unique businesses. Save us — say no to TCUP!

Grayson Serfas

The Trading Post at Whistler

Bust the buskers?

Just before the last election the Arts Council sponsored an all candidates forum at Millennium Place. A member of the audience asked why street buskers weren't allowed in Whistler. She went on to explain that in Quebec, where she's from, this a normal expression of life, one that everyone not only loves, but also respects because of the effort the performer puts out to physically entertain.

The question was posed to Mayor Ken because he's been on council for a number of terms and might be able to provide some history from the Muni's point of view. I distinctly remember all of the audience heads nodding in agreement with the question.

Mayor Ken explained that he understood the public's desire for street performance and thought that it belonged in the Whistler scheme of things, but he just didn't know how it could be implemented without some kind of bureaucratic panel to superintend music on the street.

I can’t wait to see the fees, appropriate set list of songs and dress code criteria for a licence to busk in Whistler.

Now, I don't know how many people want to engage the public in this manner, especially in the dead of winter, but I do know a person in this town who has been busking for a number of years and as far as I know he hasn't hurt anyone or Whistler for that matter. In fact, I have stood and harmonized with him on the Fitz bridge while a steady flow of humanity strolled by. Much to the delight of everyone concerned.

I believe that Canada exists on a standard higher than the rest of the world and Whistler even more so, but does that mean we have to sanitize the Whistler experience to such a degree where we scrub the life out of it?

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