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Secondly, the proximity to the TELUS Conference Centre allows us to use it to house many of our activities; this saves a great deal of money that would otherwise have to go towards infrastructure such as tenting and heating. We have received a great deal of positive feedback on the use of the centre, as families appreciate the warm, dry environment in which to celebrate.

Lastly we wanted to ensure we clarify that you do not need to have a First Night ticket to access venues within our fences. We’ve worked with businesses to create access points where we can and in cases where that is not possible, we ensure that their guests can make it through our gates without issue with the help of our Village Hosts who volunteer to man our gates with the security personnel during First Night to ensure minimal inconvenience to our guests.

Again, we appreciate comments and feedback and are always willing to look at options and we’ll certainly look at the merits of including Blackcomb base in future events. We encourage feedback from the community through info@whistlerfirstnight.com.

Sue Eckersley

Watermark Communications Inc.

The year ahead

I predict the Pique will be transformed.

In his last column of '08 Bob is already talking about "identifying a common purpose." I sense he and Andrew will collaborate on a column about the purpose of the electronic drugs companies keep inventing for us to consume.

Of course Max will continue his relentless questioning of the purpose for creating a multibillion dollar spectacle so that a handful of humanity can claim to be the best in the world on a day in 02/10 and get to smile at the camera when the rest of us, if we can stand it, will at most for all of our lives get to smile only at the face in the mirror.

To further transform their newsmagazine from one of information to one of inspiration the three of them will move beyond whether or not the "heartless tin men and women" lose their "sex organs" as a result of Max's curse, beyond whether or not Caleb will earn enough to buy a ticket to heaven, and arrive at the place where they explain why we have let our society deteriorate to the point the top executives in Canada earn as much in the first four seconds of the year as the average Canadian earns in the entire year, a situation that is the antithesis of common purpose.

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