Letters to the editor 

The Dark Knight the only hope

Dear Batman, I know you're busy with all the shenanigans in Gotham, but do you think you could swing by Whistler on the upcoming May long weekend?

Year after year it's been a weekend of mayhem with random beatings and theft and property damage and despite the best efforts of the police and the public outcry afterwards for something to be done, there is little or no change. I and my fellow peace-loving Whistlerites would like to be able to enjoy our village on this holiday and not have to be concerned about getting beaten, stabbed or robbed for no apparent reason.

The Mounties usually do a valiant effort but are ultimately bound by bureaucracy. And the slap on the hand our judicial system doles out is no deterrent either. No wonder the Mounties are so trigger-happy lately. I would be too if I spent so much time and energy and hard work catching a criminal only to watch the courts let them go with a slap on the wrist.

So it seems the only hope we have is you, The Dark Knight. I'm going down to Home Hardware tomorrow to buy some tools in order to fashion a Bat-Signal in case you don't read Pique . I hope you'll see it.

P.S. Let me know if I can help, I have a kick-ass cape leftover from a Halloween costume. But I am kinda out of shape... so maybe I could guard the Bat-Mobile while you do your thing.

Your loyal fan and admirer,

Victor Lezu


Let the battle begin

When this letter is published, British Columbians will have elected their provincial government. As an independent elected official I consider it bad form to endorse or diss candidates leading up to an election so I remained silent on MLA Joan McIntyre's repeated view that Bill 30 (the "Ashlu/stifle public input and influence" Bill) "...merely gave private power producers the same rights as B.C. Hydro when building new projects."

B.C. Hydro is owned by all British Columbians and the benefits remain in the province to benefit the citizens of the province. Private producers are owned by private corporations, some small and some large - such as General Electric. The profits and benefits go into private pockets, likely out of the province or indeed the country. Editor, I for one don't want private producers to have the same rights as a publicly owned entity that benefits, well, the public. Duh.

Between IPPs and the systematic destruction of our coastal salmon fishery and indeed the whole ecosystem through the deliberate transition of wild salmon stocks into privately owned corporate lice infested fish farms (did you know that producers of farmed salmon even feed them a dye that gives the flesh a pink colour - otherwise it's gray - they select the colour from a swatch fan, much like paint for your bedroom) it's obvious who the Liberals are working for and it's not the people of this province.

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