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Shortsighted thinking

This letter was addressed to Mayor Ken Melamed and Councillors Grant Lamont and Eckhard Zeidler. A copy was forwarded to Pique for publication.

I question your vote against the application from Nicklaus North for a permanent change to their Food Primary Liquor License. Please allow me to review the circumstances surrounding the application:

1. The LLAC (Liquor License Advisory Committee) supports the application. This committee is made up of individuals appointed by you and includes representatives from the RCMP, the fire department, the Liquor Licensing Inspector as well as members of the community.

2. The RMOW staff recommended approval of this application with restrictions as outlined in the June 16, 2009 administrative report to council (Report: 09-083 / File LLR 1014). These restrictions were agreed to by the Nicklaus North management. In the words of RMOW staff, "these restrictions are a very good compromise to both the facility and residents." Why would you vote against the recommendations of both your staff and the LLAC?

3. Past councils, Tourism Whistler and the business community have spent untold hours and significant resources trying to maximize hotel stays during the shoulder seasons and summer months. Your vote against this application undermines their efforts.

4. I don't need to tell you how uncomfortable many residents are about the increasing tax issue: last year, 5.5 per cent. Next year, the possibility of a 7 per cent increase, followed by the possibility of a further 5 per cent increase in 2011.
The current world economic situation has put significant pressure on your revenues. Your vote against this application affects an estimated direct visitor spending in the resort of approximately $950,000. This is your staff's number (again I refer to the aforementioned report, Whistler 2020 analysis, page 6).

By the nature of our name, The Resort Municipality of Whistler, we are in the tourist business. Every member of the community should be an ambassador for Whistler and look at ways to maximize guest visits and visitor spending. Obviously the three of you feel otherwise! Quite frankly, I am appalled at your shortsighted thinking. I urge you to reconsider your position when this amendment comes back before you.

Gord Annand


B.C. salmon at risk

Thank you for the Salmon Salvation update from Washington and Oregon.
As an ex-commercial salmon troller for 25 years I could spot a Columbia River spring salmon before it was even out of the water. They are truly beautiful animals, and tend to resemble a keg of nails rather than a normal stream-lined salmon.

I am writing to beg your readership to go online and view FarmedAndDangerous.org. Our own Wild B.C. salmon are differently damned and in immediate need of your attention. Can you imagine all the salmon resources in the Gulf of Georgia completely extinct? Not even a scale going up the Fraser. It's a scary thought. I would not be writing this letter if I was not convinced of the severity of this potential fate.


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