Letters to the editor 

Nickel and dimed to death

I stopped by the library yesterday, five minutes before closing, and dutifully put a quarter in the meter only to have it rejected. I had to put in 50 cents to even make it print a ticket. For five minutes.

I didn't pay.

I pay my taxes and I am fed up with being nickel and dimed to death. I am going to start my own personal protest. I will boycott all businesses that require pay parking. I will stop paying for parking. I will contest all parking tickets.

This is called "Civil Disobedience" and has been very effective historically. Anyone want to join me?

Mayor Ken, please get rid of these stupid parking fees before the RMOW kills the vibrancy of the village.

Ruth Buzzard


Unsustainable spending

Hmmmmm... most people these days are fully aware that California is going bankrupt... aren't they? So if the world's ninth largest economy can be heading for the crapper, are we really that arrogant to think the same thing couldn't happen to our little hamlet?

A lot of people are getting very nervous about the future of Whistler, but with the rampant spending that is still occurring down at muni hall, the future there must only appear to be smiley faces, sunny skies and waist deep cherry pow. Believe me, I would dearly love to be that optimistic about our future, but I'm afraid I happen to be a realist.

We have to start tightening our purse strings NOW! Please remember Ken et al, bankrupt is not a word usually associated with sustainable!

Harvey Lim


The parking experience

In talking with our mayor I discovered that somehow we as a town have gotten into the habit of comparing ourselves and directing our decision making processes with advice from Aspen and Vail. Vail charges for parking and it works OK, they say. Of course they are going to advise us that it's OK, it takes away one more competitive advantage as a resort that we have and lessens the desire for their potential guests to prefer Whistler.

I believe it would be better to find a role model of our own kind. For example Banff, another friendly Canadian resort, prides itself in having free street parking.

Let's even look at our own experiences for advice. More people go to the bank in Marketplace rather than the bank in the village because those businesses were wise enough to join together and pay extra to have free parking.

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