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One person responsible for all this crankiness?

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Cathy Jewett


A line is crossed

I should not be wasting my time like this, or for that matter, yours.

Last week, a small machine came crawling down the middle of the road in front of our house, followed by a yellow line. Once the machine had passed, the yellow line decided to stay. I don't think any of our neighbours had invited it to come, but here it was. After more than 33 years of living at the same place here in Alpine, I am now staring at a yellow line, trying to figure out what it really means.

Is it safety related? I don't think so. Pretty well all the people I know did not buy their drivers licenses under the table. They all acquired them legally, and have by now figured out that in this country, we drive on the right side of the road.

Initially, the road was gravel, and mosquitoes the local wildlife. Eventually, blacktop muscled in, and we appreciated that the dust moved on to live at some other gravel road.

Everybody managed quite well without a line, and I am not aware of any rash of head-on collisions. Which now makes me think that the painting of lines where they are not needed might be an occupational therapy program for muni employees and their toys. Or is this part of a local economic stimulus package we are not aware of, sponsored by the RMOW? Has bureaucracy in its infinite wisdom decided that we are no longer capable of getting along on the road and need a bit of help?

Whatever the reason, I decided not to bother mayor and council with this. It seems they have much more important hedgehogs to brush than to concern themselves with trivial matters such as this.

However, our money is not so trivial to us as taxpayers. No matter how small the expenditure, the question should always be: is it necessary? Anyone who has ever run a successful business will tell you, that to be so in the long run, you have to keep overhead under foot.

We certainly do not have a bottomless money pit from where to shovel it into the wind, and most people would appreciate to see their money being treated with a little more respect.

Hans Kögler


Leadership in face of wildfire inspiring

I would like to express our sincere thanks and appreciation to the fire crews who have been working tirelessly over the past week on the Blackcomb fires.

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