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• Literacy Programming - Babies and kids around B.C. can maintain and enhance their literacy skills at all B.C. public libraries with the B.C. Summer Reading Club and Books for B.C. Babies. Both programs are offered free of charge and ensure that all children in B.C. have the opportunity to develop their reading skills.

Please visit your library to lend your support, sign the online petition and write to your elected representative requesting a vote in favor of maintaining library funding across the province.

Christine M. Timm,

Secretary Treasurer for the Board of the Friends of the Pemberton Library

Action inconsistent with promise

This letter was addressed to Premier Gordon Campbell. A copy was forwarded to Pique for publication.

Re: Provincial Funding to Public Libraries

As chairperson of the Friends of the Pemberton Library board and a trustee of the Pemberton & District Public Library, I am writing to express concern about the possibility that provincial funding of essential services for libraries across the province will be withdrawn, or at best reduced.

Rural libraries such as ours struggle to provide a comparable service to our smaller and more isolated communities to those offered in the larger centres. Provincially funded programs such as B.C. OneCard, the interlibrary loan program - InterLink, the interlibrary integrated database systems and support for a variety of literacy programs are vital to our achieving this goal. This funding has allowed our library to become a vibrant center for literacy for our growing community.

Our community recently raised considerable funding to establish a new library. Since opening our doors July 2008, library use has soared and a variety of programs, addressing the literary needs of all demographic groups, are being well attended. It would be devastating if, through lack of government funding, these programs and the enhanced library services would have to be cut.

To impede the groundswell of participation and interest in literary growth in our diverse library region is surely inconsistent with your election promise to make B.C. the most literate province in Canada.

We urge you to choose literacy as a high priority when making your budget choices.

Marilyn Simon

Chairperson, Friends of the Pemberton Library Board & Library Trustee


All aboard

Your July 30 cover story - I Love Whistler - is so timely and so "right-on!"

People, we have to get over ourselves. The Olympics are coming! Embrace them. This is not the time to question-challenge-second-guess-doubt-get-greedy. We have the world coming to our little town and if we welcome them with the same spirit we have for our mountains, they will, in turn, make this "Olympic experience" one we will not forget, and one we will benefit from for many, many years to come.

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