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One person responsible for all this crankiness?

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It's too late to back track! Get on board and we can make this the greatest thing that's ever happened to Whistler!

Congratulations Pique for reversing the tide, and reminding us of the jewel we have here and how we can all prosper (in every way) from supporting and enjoying February 2010!

Larry Comey


Another kind of Olympic journey

Part of the missing collective Olympic spirit everyone is looking for is mine; and if the life of this Olympic monster depended on my contribution of spirit, it would die. I withhold my support only indirectly because of the obscene amount of money (some of it my taxes) being spent allowing a thousand or so elite athletes to decide who is best in a disintegrating world on one day in February 2010. I withhold my support more directly because our way of life is in such a state it seems almost as much money will be spent protecting it as running the event.

Most directly though I have a view of life in which we have unique capacities and that realizing them should be an Olympic journey for each of us regardless of our capacities. In this view there are no parades for individuals but rather a collective parade of human achievement in which we all participate. Rather than periodic competitions to see who is best there is constant unconditional co-operation to make each other better. Life is a continuous celebration in which each of us receives the same reward. The 2010 Olympics distorts my view and while I am not trying to change anyone else's view I won't help perpetuate another with even my miniscule allotment of spirit.

Sadly for humanity but luckily for Whistler I am probably the only one withholding my spirit because of this view. Everyone else it seems is just suffering as if in a bad marriage. When it began six years ago the "marriage" seemed to fill the void in their lives. However, like all relationships that begin with that expectation, six years into it the partners once again see the black hole that creates a floating anxiety from which they wish to escape. However, rather than abandoning the Olympic relationship, the partners, like good parents, will stay together for the kids. The Olympics will "succeed." What comes after is anyone's guess.

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